Jeddict is an open source Jakarta EE application development platform that accelerates developers productivity and simplifies development tasks of creating complex entity relationship models. Using it developers can create JPA class, visualize & modify Database and automates Java EE 8 code generation. The Jeddict provides forward & reverse engineering capabilities, import models from existing database, generate complex SQL/DDL and much more.

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Visualize Architecture

JPA classes model
JSON-B model
Database schema model

Forward Engineering

JPA 2.2 Source code
SQL DDL to create a database
Full-Stack Java EE app

Reverse Engineering

Existing JPA Source code
Import database table into entity diagram

Why Jeddict ?


Visualize architecture

Jeddict helps you visualize and design application architecture for rapid change, continuous improvement, sustainability and freeing you from the mundane task of writing code so you can concentrate on the business logic and overall architecture of your project

JPA 2.2 source generation

Take advantage of the source code generated by Jeddict to accelerate the implementation phase of your project and eliminate the unintended errors that can creep into manually written code and prove time-consuming to debug later on.

Visual creation of JSON structures

JSON Modeler allows developer to define and customize the JSON-B mapping for Java classes. This leads to regaining hours of productivity as well as avoiding time consuming errors.

Visual creation of database structures

Database design is one of the key features of Jeddict. It supports automatic conversion of JoinColumn to JoinTable (vice-versa).
Jeddict helps to create, modify, and design your models without the need to write complex SQL to create and edit objects, you’ll know exactly what you are working on. You can develop a complete database schema with just a few clicks.

Java EE 8 and Angular/React source code generator

Jeddict makes it easy to develop Java EE 8 application. The best thing, in minutes you get an application ready to deploy.

Technology stack
Server sideClient side
  • MicroProfile 2.0
  • JPA 2.2
  • CDI 2.0
  • MVC 1.0
  • JSON-B 1.0
  • JAX-RS 2.1
  • Security API 1.0
  • Bean Validation 2.0
  • ... more
  • React
  • Angular
  • Bootstrap
  • HTML5
  • NPM
  • Yarn
  • Webpack
  • ... more

Reverse Engineering of Java Source Code

Jeddict supports reverse engineering by importing existing source code and create new ER diagrams. Visualize JPA classes & database models so you can see how elements such as attributes, relationships and other objects relate to each other without showing actual data. The built-in source code editor lets you quickly navigate from model directly to source code in the same environment.

SQL/DDL script generation

Jeddict is not only a tool for creating ER diagrams and designing your databases. The tool gives you the opportunity to generate complex SQL/DDL script for all supported database platforms, potentially saving you hundreds of hours of work. It supports different databases : MySQL, Sybase, Oracle, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Microsoft Access, H2 and Apache Derby etc.

DB Reverse Engineering

Working with legacy database becomes even more challenging when the documentation has been lost in time. Make it available again by importing the existing database and create new ER diagram. Visually study the table structures and their relationships.

Highly extensible

A Jeddict extension is a NetBeans IDE modules that allows to create third-party generators that have access to the Jeddict modeler variables and functions, and register itself to act as a hook from the Jeddict generator to enable new functionality that does not exist in the Jeddict itself.

Example : Angular and Kubernetes support is available as an extension.

Improve your productivity

  • Reduce faults in development
  • Visualize JPA Model & database structures and get better understanding
  • Find errors in your model
  • Maintain your product architecture
  • Create databases faster

Model documentation

The diagram of a model can be exported as an image in JPG, PNG or PPT format.

Java Leader's opinion

Without the Jeddict, it is quite difficult to understand and get started with the MVC framework for Java EE. The Jeddict is a unique learning tool and, once you are comfortable with the MVC framework, the Jeddict is a great productivity tool that helps you in your daily tasks and shows you how to understand how all the pieces fit together. It is a very fine and sophisticated plugin that everyone should take a look at and consider adding to their toolbox.
-- Geertjan Wielenga, Principal Product Manager, Oracle Developer Tools
The Jeddict for NetBeans is a truly awesome tool! It just takes a couple of keystrokes and you have a fully functional CRUD application using the new MVC framework for Java EE. within a minute. Whether you want to impress your boss, create a prototype for a client or just learn a new technology, the Jeddict is definitely a tool you want to have in your toolbox!
-- Ivar Grimstad, Java Champion, NetBeans Dream Team Member


Who Uses Jeddict?

Lots of companies use Jeddict, all over the world! Find the list here, and don't forget to add your company once you have started using Jeddict :-)